Vendor splits charge in two

When reconciling my credit card with my bank, I notice that the vendor split the transaction into 2 transactions. I import the credit card transactions into GB but there are 2 transactions to together match the one transaction that I entered into GB. How do I accept the match of the 2 transactions?

I usually just match one, keep my Goodbudget amount that reflects both parts when prompted, and ignore the second entry. It’s worked well for me so far.
Hope that helps!

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What do you do with the second one that was imported?

I think Tiffany’s saying that she just chooses to ignore the second / extra part of the transaction from the Import, i.e. she doesn’t Import it.

An alternate option would be to simply Import both and have both options. I don’t know if I’d say either option is right or wrong; this is definitely one of those things where you should just go with whatever makes the most sense to you.

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Amazon is notorious for this. You can place an order that totals $!00 and enter that in GB, then they ship it as separate packages and charge you separately $25, $25, $40, and $10, i.e. separate charge per package. For me, matching one and ignoring the rest is untenable because I reconcile weekly and if I ignored the other three this week, then next week they would show up as unrecorded charges and I would have to remember to ignore them every week until the next month starts.

For this reason I tend to ignore Amazon purchases at the time of order and only add them when I reconcile with the bank download on weekends. However, if I wanted my envelope balances to be exactly accurate in the moment, I would add the full order amount when I made the order and straighten it all out during reconciliation by adjusting the amount and adding the additional entries as needed.

Kurt, IN this particular case it isn’t Amazon, but they do have a history. If I ignore, then I forget what it is for and which envelope to deduct from. Also, I like to keep things current for my wife and I. I don’t like ignoring because I think that would cause reconciliation confusion.
I think what I will probably, unfortunately end up doing is changing the 1 of 2 that I match, accepting the imported transaction, and then add the unmatched transaction. I believe that this would have me matching the CC. I don’t like this but it is the best I can come up with.

I agree that Amazon is really annoying about this… especially because you can’t really predict how they’ll split up an order and can’t really enter separate transactions because of taxes and other fees. So I also just end up entering the full value because seeing my Envelopes’ balances is the most important to me.

I personally don’t Import, so I don’t have that issue with matching, but it’s annoying when I do my monthly Reconciliations…

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