Unplanned spent

What’s the best way to track unplanned spents? I’m talking about things that probably won’t happen again. Should I create an envelope only for that so I can track this particular spend?

I have an envelope designated for miscellaneous things each month, and also have an envelope for annual expenses - my way isn’t super specific, but it’s enough for me for random things. I use the free version, though, so my envelopes are limited.

I also don’t budget every penny - I keep around $50 in unallocated each month in case I go a bit over budget in my regular categories. For truly crazy things that come up, I just take it straight from unallocated.

Personally, I only want designated envelopes for monthly recurring expenses.

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Thanks for posting! It’s definitely a personal preference thing. I always advocate for making an Envelope for every single thing, which means my Envelopes list is long. As wjb1492 said, making an catch up Misc. Envelope is a great option too.