Syncing to partners device

My husband has logged in using the email and login I created but it shows generic envelopes - not the ones I created nor the ones I see ony device. Any suggestions?

This is the main reason my wife and I use GB. We have one sign on that we each use and we have it on our phones and pads and of vourse access it kn our computers that wsy we each have cmplete access

As you imply, he should be seeing the same thing you do—have you tried clearing the cache, or rebooting the app and/or the device?
We use GB across multiple Apple and PC devices and we haven’t had this issue—hopefully a reboot will sort it out!

Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately we’ve tried deleting the app from his phone. Restarting both our phones and it still is showing a generic screen on his end. I think I’ll just try to cancel my account and completely restart.

Before you do that, wait for the admins to chime in. They might be able to help where we can’t!
@alex or @karisa — any thoughts??

We completely restarted, deleting the household, deleting the app. Started a new account with a different email on a different device and nothing is showing up for the partner. It’s not even showing up on a desktop. Setting up envelopes and budget has been very straightforward intuitive so I’m stumped on why we can’t figure out how to both be able to use this app. I’ve read all the help sections about registering household and syncing but nothing is working.

Hi there – sorry for the troubles getting your household synced up. Would you email us at with the email address(es) you signed up with so we can take a closer look? That way we’ll be able to peek inside and see what might be happening there.