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I’m a long time paid subscriber to GB and I was reading here someone noted 3 levels of plans GB has, Free, Plus, and Premium. Where can I find in my profile what plan I’m on? I only see two levels available, Free and Premium.

Your Payment History page should tell you what your current plan level is.

But generally-speaking, the vast majority of people currently on a paid plan will be on Plus, as Premium has only been available to a limited extent since March.

We should be shortly rolling out Premium on a larger scale, which should make it (and its differences from Plus) more obvious. But long story short – if you’re on a paid subscription and have bank sync, you’re on Premium. Otherwise, it’s most likely Plus.

Thank you @alex

So if I’m on a Plus plan, how do I change it to a Premium account? I’d actually decided not to renew my subscription when it expires because my bank doesn’t export my account in a format compatible with Goodbudget and it was getting to be more work than it was worth, but if you offer bank syncing, that might make it worth sticking with.

On the web version, click on My Household. Your Household Preferences window pops up. Select Change My Subscription Plan that’s under the Billing section on the left hand side of the window.

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Don’t change to premium, you will regret it.


Dont change!

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Why are people suggesting not to switch to premium? Will Plus even be offered again (it isn’t listed here)?

Maybe because of the issues that exist with the sync feature​:thinking: Maybe because $80/yr subscription is a bit steep​:money_mouth_face:. It will be sad if they don’t continue to offer the plus option. I know I’ll never upgrade at that cost, especially since there’s already features I’ve asked for over the past LONG time that have never been implemented :confused:

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Plus is still being offered, and we don’t plan to stop offering it for at least the foreseeable future.

Premium has become the “main” plan, hence why you see it on that page, not Plus, but if you actually went to subscribe, you would see both options. But among other reasons, there are people whose banks are not supported by the current sync system, so we of course still want them to be able to budget with Goodbudget, and with Plus.

In the distant future, even if Plus stopped being offered, I would suspect (though can’t guarantee, just in case) that any active Plus subscriptions would remain active and be honored until the subscriber chose to unsubscribe, as is the case for people who currently have older subscriptions that aren’t being offered anymore.

This is why people are not switching.