How to tag Tax Deductible Transactions

I’m coming from Mvelopes and wondering if there is a way to do tags in the program? Mvelopes had tags and then notes which were two separate things. I could tag all the transactions that were tax deductible and then at the end of the year print a report of all the transactions with that tag separated by envelope. Is there are way to do something similar in this program?

Hashtags in the Notes section are searchable/reportable. Just add #Tax and you can sort that way.
Hope that helps!

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That is helpful! So if I hastag something in the notes I can search/report by it and if I just write a note without a hashtag then I can’t?

Oh, you can still search the text in your notes but using the # makes it a Tag. When you search transactions on the web you’d go to Advanced, and the Tag dropdown will include anything to which you’ve added a hashtag. It sounds like this is similar to what you were doing before.

Oh, that is helpful! Right now I have separate envelopes for each category of items that are/may be tax deductible - some work great that way, like charitable donations, but sometimes it complicates how I budget.

For taxes, I add a whole extra step (and double the work) by also entering the expense into an expense reporting app similar to the one that my company uses to manage my corporate credit card. This one is just personal though, and it lets me include receipts for every transaction. At tax time, I can export the report with all the receipts in one fell swoop, send it to my CPA and keep a copy in my files. I find that’s easier than filing the receipts individually.