Household members identity

Is it possible for another member of the household to have their own identity and email address in the forum?

Definitely! You won’t be able to be logged in to multiple accounts at once, but there shouldn’t be a limit to how many separate accounts you can register here.

I replied to the email rather than here. I am very new to this. I thought that the forum ID was somehow attached to the Budget and didn’t see how you could have 2 different IDs attached to the same Budget. When I look under Household in settings it name and password, so didn’t know how this would work.

A lot of us use the same email both for our budgets and for the forum, but they’re separate so you could join the forum (if you wanted to) without even having a Goodbudget account. Sometimes the admins may ask you to send them your account info privately if they need to take a deep dive into an issue you’re struggling with, but otherwise they’re not connected.

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Like Tiffany says, the forum login and your Goodbudget household login are different (although theoretically you could use the exact same email address and password for both).

For your Goodbudget household, you can only have one email address connected at a time, and you can only be logged in to one household at a time. You can however, just like here on the forums, create as many households as you like, they’ll just all need to be connected to different email addresses.