Feature Request Scheduled Transactions


My wife and I both get Social Security every month.
One is every 3rd Wednesday, the other is every 4th Wednesday.

I can schedule it monthly, but need to edit each month.

You might try scheduling it every four weeks instead, and then you’ll only have to adjust the dates twice a year.

Thanks, will change, but still would be nice to have.

You can put in requests for new features and also see what’s already on the radar with the information the Admins give in this post. :slight_smile:

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I have basically the same situation but both of us are on the 2nd Wednesday.
What I do is schedule the income for the latest day (or later) of the Month for the year that the 2nd Wednesday falls. When my and my wife’s SS is deposited I just click the NOW button on each of the scheduled deposits.

As our SS is our primary income, and with movable days, I treat that as the beginning of my accounting Month and do my primary fill of envelopes which is set up on the same day as our SS is scheduled and use the NOW button on that fill transaction just as I did with the SS.

I have other sources of income that come jn before our SS so their transaction amounts just sit in UNALLOCATED until.I click the NOW button on the fill transaction. My total fill transaction equals the total of all net incomes including my SS.

This is the way I have been doing it. Hopefully it gives you some ideas.


That’s a good idea about using the NOW button.
Thanks for sharing…