Confirm in Reconciliation

I have been using GB for almost 2 years now. All of a sudden when reconciling my checking account I ran into some cleared transactions that according to my bank statement were not cleared. When I unchecked them I get a purple oval over the checkbox with “CONFIRM”. This something new that I wasn’t informed about and thus have no idea how to clear. I’ve tried the help on the webpage, but that didn’t help. No matter what I do I can’t get it to accept my change. How do I get around this?

Also, Trying to get around this I changed the date by 1 day for the noted transactions as this took place around the monthly closing. Then I get a pink error banner that the transactions selected do not equal the bank statement, when my bank statement agrees with GB

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I just sent an email to support on this very topic. I’m confused. It seems redundant, and not in any type of good way! I have everything balanced to the penny, but get the red error because of the new purple CONFIRM button.

I’ll update here when I get a response and hope you’ll do the same.

Thanks for posting!

BTW: for now, I deleted the “offending” transaction and the reconciliation went through.

Sorry about this. Those buttons appearing were an unintended change of some other stuff we’re working on, and shouldn’t be showing there. We’re looking into this now and I’ll post again here when we have any updates.

ETA: as weazul says above, you should be able to evade this issue for now by recreating the transaction and deleting the one with the button showing.

Just wanted to post an update that this problem should now be fixed.

Please let us know at if you have any further troubles related to this issue (or any other questions).