Zeroing out credit card without creating money

I used cashback to pay off part of my credit card balance. So the transaction between my bank account and credit card account was 11.12 short of the actual amount. How can I zero out my credit card? When I use the Add/Edit Accounts function, it creates 11.12 in my unallocated funds, which I don’t want as all my accounts are otherwise accurate.

Essentially, goodbudget thinks my credit card is still 11.12 short of 0, when it isn’t. How can I fix this?

Just enter a credit to the card for the amount you charged to points. You can do so with a negative number on the web, or a “credit” transaction in the app. That should take your balance down to 0.
You DO have extra Unallocated money though, since you didn’t spend budgeted money on the items you used points for. You can allocate that to any envelope without changing any account balances.
Hope that helps!


That does help, thanks!