Yearly Envelope Will NOT meet goal

In January 2023, we created a Christmas envelope that should end up with $2000 by the end of November. Looking at it now, there is only $1240 with only 2 months to go.

$2000/47 weeks = $42.55, but GB has been adding only $31.08 weekly from the start and I never noticed until now. We’re going to be about $500 short. What could have caused this?

I’m not entirely sure, but given those numbers it sounds as if maybe you didn’t set/save a due date so Goodbudget calculated it through year’s end. The due date should have been an option under the Envelope Period. That still doesn’t work out exactly though.
Did you have any money in the envelope when you started that might have thrown off the calculation?

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Sorry for the trouble! Does the Envelope have data in it from before January 2023? If so, those incomings / outgoings all get factored into the Envelope’s suggested fill amount.

If that was what happened, for next time, try starting with a completely new Envelope so there is not previous data.

Thank you, Karissa! That is exactly what must have caused the problem. I had a balance of a little over $300 in the envelope to start. I will keep this in mind for future goals.

Thank you, again!


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