Why is apostrophe different on smart device and web?

I use both my smart phone and web versions of GB.

If I enter an apostrophe in the name of the transaction they record differently. For example, I record a purchase at a store Atwood’s using the web and the same name Atwood’s using the mobile device they show up in my list of payees as two different merchants. Same spelling, the only difference is the way the apostrophe looks. I know, I can just omit the apostrophe but that is not the best solution.


Thanks for posting! I wasn’t able to replicate what you’re experiencing, which might mean I’ve misunderstood you. I think you’re saying that if you record a transaction with an apostrophe on your phone, and then record a transaction with that same payee on the web, they look different. Is that right? Where do they look different, on the website or on your phone? Would you be able to add screenshots so we can see exactly what you’re referring to?

Hi Karisa,

Thanks for the response.

I created two test entries. One from my PC and one from my iPhone. I entered Atwood’s on each. Here’s the screenshot of the results from report by payee.

I’m not sure if this is going to work but I will give it a shot.

GB test

Thanks for the screenshot! My guess is that of the Payees has an extra space either before or after the apostrophe. You can try to find the one with the extra space, remove it, and then they should become one Payee.

Hope that helps!

No. I just checked. I guess there is a difference in font on the apostrophe from the iPhone and PC that GB can’t deal with. I will just continue using names without the apostrophe. I love GB but this is a little frustrating.
Thanks for you response…I will deal with it.

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I think you’re right; I can clearly see the difference between the fonts in your screenshot. I’m guessing the difference is that one entry has smart apostrophes/single quotes—the system corrects to face them the right way—but the other doesn’t.