Who posted the transaction?

Is there away to figure out who posted the transaction in goodbudget? I want an easy way to tell if it was my wife or myself. Initials should automatically get posted next to each transaction or if that is not possible the name of the device that was used to post the transaction would also be acceptable. I hope this is the place to suggest future improvements.

Have you considered adding your initials in the Notes? You could even preface them with a hashtag if you’d like to be able to sort on them later.

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Yes I had considered that but would prefer this be done automatically. When I export my budget transactions into an excel spreadsheet it would make things harder to sort with initials being in the same cell as the description. Yes I know how to get around that as I’m quite savvy with excel but I’d prefer not to. Perhaps a future update for this could be implemented?

Hi @Luke_Kess,

Thanks for posting! You’re right that GB doesn’t do this automatically right now, and Tiffany’s suggestion of adding your initials is the best workaround now. If you’d like to make an official feature request, you can see how to do that here.

Thanks again!