What to do with Unallocated after balance correction?

I had to update my balance because I had gotten off track somewhere. Now I show a negative unallocated amount. What do I do with that?

That just means you have too much allocated to your envelopes. The amount in envelopes and the amount in your accounts are the same funds, but envelopes and accounts are independent of one another.

First thing is to make sure the amount in all your accounts are what you actually have in real life. Once this is confirmed, make sure the envelope total shown on the envelopes tab on the website equals the accounts total on the accounts tab.

Once you’ve ensured you have the same amount in all your envelopes as you do your accounts, just do an envelope transfer from any of your envelopes to Unallocated to bring that amount down to zero. Now your accounts and envelopes are balanced and 100% of your funds are allocated to individual envelopes.