What time of day do envelopes get auto filled?

It’s the first of the month and nearly midday. My monthly auto fill have not yet appeared in my envelopes. What time of day do they appear and can I adjust this time? Thanks


I am having the same problem today. No fill. The envelopes normally fill around midnight. I see that staff did some maintenance yesterday and I’m wondering if that is the problem.

Thanks for the reply. Is that midnight GMT?

I was thinking midnight EST. I just know they are filled when I wake up. This is so strange

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I’m also going to guess this has something to do with yesterday’s maintenance. On my iOS app I can see that today’s transactions are marked with the yellow i which is typical for a transaction that couldn’t sync, even though I’ve refreshed and it shows a successful sync just now. Online I see that the transactions are in my Pending list with the option to Record Now, but I’m leaving it alone hoping it will all align later in the day.

Digging a tiny bit deeper, it looks like the “auto populate pending items” function broke with the maintenance; neither my envelope fills nor my 1st of the month transactions posted. Hoping it’s as simple as an accidental change to the time in the command (maybe from am to pm?)
@Alex, can you confirm? Thanks!

I am having the same problem and am also EST. It worked last month, but this month it hasn’t filled my Sept 1st items yet and it’s almost 9:30am on 9/1.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the confusion and troubles with your scheduled transactions. First, to clarify the general issue at hand, it does indeed seem like our maintenance yesterday affected something with the scheduled transactions, preventing them from posting automatically like they should.

We’re looking into the issue now, and we’ll update when we have a fix and/or more information, but in the meantime, you should be able to click the “Record now” button (on the web) to manually post the transactions that should’ve posted in the morning.

As for the question in the original post, scheduled transactions should typically post automatically in the very early morning of your local timezone. The timezone is determined in your household preferences, and when specifically they post (typically in the 12am-3am range) is determined by the volume of transactions being processed at any given time.

Again, I’ll be updating this space as we work and find out more, so thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks @alex

I’m not seeing a “record now” button. There is a “+now” in the status column, but it is not clickable. Is it someplace else?

Whoops, that’s totally my bad. That’s exactly the button I was referring to, I should’ve been more specific! That is indeed the one to click to manually post your scheduled transactions.

I tried it on the web and it worked as expected, using Chrome 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (x86_64) on macOS Mojave (yes, I KNOW, lol!) 10.14.6.
“Record Now” is found under “Scheduled Transactions” and it worked from there as well.

Hi again everyone – after our investigation, we’ve updated the mechanics of the scheduled transaction posting process, and your scheduled transactions should post automatically as normal again. If you hadn’t already posted the old stuck ones manually, they should have posted themselves automatically sometime in the past several hours.

Please shoot us an email at support@goodbudget.com if you’re still having any issues here, and thanks again for your patience as we got that all worked out!

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