What’s Next for Goodbudget?

Without any recent changes and announcements the feeling is that the development stopped and the gap to other budget solutions is becoming wider. I’m the only one getting this feeling?

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Hey @VC65, Thanks for posting! And sorry to hear it feels like there’s a bit of a gap.

We’ve been focusing a lot of our efforts recently on maintenance, which isn’t that interesting but is important for keeping things running smoothly. Most of these updates happen behind-the-scenes and won’t impact customers.

However, we’ve begun shifting our efforts back to items that customers like you will see. Right now, we’re building out an update that will allow folks to add emojis to their Envelope Names, which is something folks have been asking for for a while. We’re also in the designing stages of a new Income by Source report, as well as a Due Dates feature for iOS. (You can see what else we’ve got planned on our Roadmap.)

You’re also welcome to stay updated on past releases by checking out our Changelog. Admittedly, this isn’t a comprehensive list of updates that we do. Most of the updates we publish are ones that customers will see or care about. (I.e. we won’t publish when we do maintenance on our servers or updates the tools we use behind the scenes that help us support GB customers.)

Hope that all makes sense!

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