What is the purpose of "Postpone" when reconciling?

I trying to reconcile my bank account and it shows the previous balance and I put in the statement balance and click “Continue”, it then shows there is $264.50 “Left to clear”, which it should since it’s not cleared yet, and I only see a “Postpone” button. Why is there a “Postpone” button. I do not want to postpone anything. I want to reconcile the account.


The amount left to clear must be 0.00 in order for the account to be reconciled. The postpone button allows you to save your work and come back later, or go back into the account and look for errors. Since reconciliation only works for posted transactions, but sure you haven’t included an available balance that includes any pending transactions. If so, just change the ending balance in the reconciliation screen to reflect your posted transactions, leave the pending ones unchecked, and you should be good to reconcile.

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Additionally, check the dates on any transactions near the end of your reconciliation period. For example, my statement closes on the 25th and I make a transaction on the 24th, which clears before I receive my statement. The bank didn’t actually clear it until the 26th, so it shows up on the NEXT statement, but it fouls up my Goodbudget reconciliation because it looks like it should fall within the prior statement period AND I’ve already marked it clear. Just change the dates on those transactions to the posted date, or uncheck them temporarily to balance the account.

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