What happens with extra envelopes after paid subscription expires?

I’m thinking about buying a month of Plus subscription to try and divide mu budget better (beyond 10 monthly envelopes), but what happens after it expires if I decide the free version was enough for my needs?
Will the envelopes over 10 free ones be immediately deleted and everything moved to Unasssigned? Or will they be somehow locked out of adding transactions/budgeting but still visible so I can reorganize transactions into the smaller set over a period of time?

I understand that immediate deletion would be fair and I should just reorganize back to free tier envelopes before my subscription ends, but just would like to know what happens so I can prepare.

Hi tofix – the short answer is that your extra Envelopes / Accounts will not be deleted immediately if your subscription ends.

What happens instead is that your household will enter an indefinite state of limbo where you have your old data but won’t be able to use your household unless you either resubscribe or choose to delete the extra Envelopes / Accounts. Whenever you login (whether on phone or web), you’ll see a popup that says “Resubscribe or delete”.

If you choose to resubscribe, your household will be unlocked, and then you’ll be able to resume using your household as normal. If you choose the delete option, you’ll get to choose which 10 Envelopes and 1 Account you want to continue using, and the rest will be deleted.

Note that you will not be able to re-sort your old transactions into the remaining Envelopes prior to the deletion process BUT when you delete Envelopes/Accounts, the transactions in them will remain in your household, so you’ll be able to do that re-sorting after the fact without issue.

Hope that helps!

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