What happened to Envelope Tracking?


I’ve been a GB user for about two years now, but we moved during the summer and I didn’t keep up with our budget. (I know! The horrors!) I just reorganized my budget and filled my envelopes. I was feeling pretty happy with myself. Then I noticed–when I made a transaction out of my envelope, the small banner of words under the envelope title just read “Great! You’re ahead by current envelope amount” That’s not what it used to read, right? It used to say something like, “Behind by $55.89” or something like that. It used to tell you how long you need to wait to spend. I LOVED that feature, as it really helped me pace myself. Now, I can basically empty my envelope on the second of the day of the month and it still tell me, “Great! You’re ahead by 0.01.” Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to get that feature back?

It looks like it’s behaving normally; you had $700 on the 1st to spend throughout October. You’ve only spent $250, leaving $450 in the account now. Since it’s the 31st, you really are ahead by $450 and you can see the tracking line at the far left of the green column.
If you had looked at the same transaction yesterday, you would only be ahead by $427.42 because it would be leaving some money for today also. And tomorrow (assuming you have a first-of-month fill) it will be back to $700 and you’ll be where you expect to be, and tracking throughout the month as you remember.
I think the only reason it’s confusing is because today’s the very last day of the month.
I hope that helps!

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