What does it mean when it says I am behind

I have budgeted $200.00 for groceries and have spend all but $50.00 so the grocery bar is still green. However, under the green bar is the message: “You’re behind by 82.86. Stop spending for 13 days?” Why am I getting that message?

It just means you’re spending faster than the “average” daily spend for that envelope.

If you budget monthly, and the month has 30 days, and an envelope is set to $300, then on average you could spend $10 per day to stay on track.

If on the first day of the month you spent $150, then you’ve effectively spent 15 days of budget in one day, so you will be “behind” by 14 days. If you spend nothing from that envelope then after 14 days you will be “caught up” to the average burn.

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Thanks. Very helpful.