Welcome to the new Goodbudget forums!

Welcome to the new Goodbudget forums!

If you’re coming from our old forums at GetSatisfaction or simply want a short intro to the forums, check out this post!

Welcome again, whether you’re coming from our old forum at GetSatisfaction or are new to the Goodbudget forums entirely. Here are some short explanations of how to use these forums!

Creating a new topic
To create a new post, simply click the “+ New Topic” button to start.

Replying to a topic
You can reply to a topic by hitting the “Reply” button at the bottom of any post in a topic.

Unlike the old GetSat forums, there is only a single stream of replies, and no nested replies / comments. If you want to reply to a specific post or user, Reply to their specific post, or @ them (ex: @alex will @ me) to get their attention. You can also highlight text in a post before hitting reply to start your reply with that text quoted.

Like a post by hitting the heart button! Liking a post helps the user and the community know that the user who responded was helpful. Users who receive enough likes will get a special title marking them as particularly helpful.

Navigating the forums
The home page will display two columns, the list of categories at left and the list of recent topics at right. The recent topics list on the home page is the only place that topics from different categories are mixed, and is the rough equivalent to the Conversations list from the old GetSat forums.

Solved posts will have a check box to the left of their titles, and in the original post (OP), you’ll see a quote of the reply with the solution. You can click the quote to jump to that specific reply.

Goodbudget staff members can be identified by the Goodbudget logo on their pictures and the “Goodbudget Staff” title. Frequent posters and users who have been marked by the community as helpful will also have their own separate titles.

If you want to learn more…
You can access a Discourse tutorial when you first start by clicking the PM from discobot in your inbox ( tap your user icon in the upper-right). Alternatively, the Discourse New User Guide should cover most of the bases in learning to use Discourse as a platform.

Hope that helps! And of course, let us know in a reply to this topic if you have any questions.
The Goodbudget team