Way better than cash envelopes

I’m so happy to have found this app. My wife and I had tried the envelope system with cash, but it’s so difficult because we can’t both have the envelopes with us, and how do you get the exact change for each envelope from an ATM, and what do you do with loose change? So we abandoned the envelope and were just winging it. But, even with a budget, we didn’t have a good way to track our spending. There were times we were down to less than $20 in the bank by the time payday came around. Now, because of the app and the syncing ability, we stay on the same page and can track every dollar. We’ve only used the app for about 4 months and have an excess in the bank at all times. We just saved up our $1000 emergency fund and have been paying down debt. The peace of mind has been tremendous. A big thank you to all of you who made this app available!


Hi dogman,

Thanks for sharing your story with us! That’s so awesome that you’ve been able to use Goodbudget to build up your emergency fund and pay down your debt. Being able to track your money through a budget and see where it’s all going is such a powerful thing; we’re thrilled that we were able to be a part of that journey with you!