Undo reconcile

I messed up when reconciling today … I entered my statement balance wrong, and then proceeded to do the reconciliation, adding a “correction” transaction to make up for the difference. Now I need to somehow fix this and I can’t figure out how.

Is there some way to just completely un-do the reconciliation? I need to basically wipe out today’s reconciliation only, and go back to the way it was before I screwed up, so I can re-do it with the correct statement balance.

I’m not aware of a way to undo it as a user, but if you delete the “correction” and then reconcile again with the correct balance it should resolve the problem. You can also manually change entries from Reconciled to Cleared or even Not Cleared, but that would be a much more labor-intensive process and I think the simpler way would work.
Hope that helps!

Well, I tried a few things, and it just seemed to make things worse.

So I ended up doing a complete reset and starting over.