Unallocated Money

Hi, I have my envelops set to fill automatically each month with the income my husband gets paid each month. I have each envelop on SET (not ADD) because I want a fresh start each month. We have one envelop that is set to $0.00 that I use to add any miscellaneous income. It helps me see and understand our under vs over better. However I noticed it takes the amount from my misc. income and minus any overs in my other envelopes and puts that amount in unallocated. Is there a way to fix that so there is not an unallocated amount? Usually whatever I have extra I just put in my savings. Is there a way to clear out the unallocated? Thanks!

You can do an envelope transfer from unallocated to what ever envelopes you’d like. In your case it sounds like you’d want to do the transfer into your misc envelope.

On the Fill page, on the right side where it shows the total amount you are allocating, you can select which envelope to sweep the leftovers into. The default is Unallocated, but you could set it to your Misc.


If you do this “Sweep to Misc.”, make sure the Misc. envelope is initially instructed to “Add 0” so it won’t try to change the balance first.