Unallocated Funds filling without permission

I have an automatic envelope fill set every two weeks for when I get paid. It’s split how I like it into each envelope and then any extra gets “swept” into my savings envelope. The past few times however, it has seemed to disregard $20 (or is one case $50) and put it in unallocated even though I had it set to “any extra or deficit, sweep to ‘savings’”. It’s very frustrating for me as I don’t use the ‘unallocated’ section as part of my budget. Why is this happening?

That does sound odd; have you made any changes to the Savings envelope since you set up the fill? For example, changed the name or spelling of the envelope? And it sounds like it used to work as expected but doesn’t anymore, right?
If there haven’t been any changes and it seems to have just started on its own, the Admin folks may need to take a look into your specific account. I’m curious to know what they find as I’ve never seen that myself.

I have not made any changes like that to the envelope. And yes, this is an issue that only started a few months ago and I’ve been using goodbudget for years.

I wonder if in your fill one or more of the envelopes accidentally got changed from “add” to “set”. I know this happened to me in the past and it threw me for a loop until I figured it out, but it’s been too long ago for me to remember exactly what the symptom was.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, so I’m fairly certain my fills are set the way I want them. Even if they were set to “set”, extra should have been swept into my savings envelope.
Additional note on my situation: when this happens there is not record of the money being added to unallocated. Like, there is no little green transaction that says +$50 from ‘income’. The value is just suddenly at $50 and when manually add up the amount that was filled the result is $50 less than what I set it to.
For example, lets say I add $1000 every two weeks from my income. $250 goes to rent, $100 goes to groceries, $50 for gas, $100 for entertainment, and $300 for bills. It is set to “sweep extra or deficit into savings.” $200 should be swept into my savings. Instead, $150 is put into savings and my unallocated amount is magically $50 with no indication of where that money came from.

This is a really long shot, but have you checked to be sure there’s not a duplicate recurring Fill? I know the answer is almost certainly “no” but I thought I’d ask…

You are correct. The answer is no. I even doubled check when you asked just to see if there is something I was missing.

My initial suspicion would be that you deleted an Envelope, because deleted Envelopes connected to Fills will have their targeted funds sent to Unallocated. But shoot us an email to support@goodbudget.com with your login email address and we’ll check it out for you!

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For anyone coming to this thread later: a deleted Envelope was indeed what was causing the extra money in Unallocated here.

So if you’re getting money in Unallocated each Fill and can’t figure out why, try checking your Fills to see if there are any deleted Envelopes that are still being Filled by them.

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