Two different automatic envelope fills

How do I create two different budget envelope fills with different amounts being added to some envelopes?
I get paid twice a month and I want to put different amounts in some envelopes on the first paycheck than on the 2nd paycheck instead of exactly the same each paycheck.

I would create two separate recurring fills. So for paycheck one fill envelopes as desired and have it repeat once a month. Then for paycheck two do the same thing. When paycheck one clears it will automatically create a pending transaction for the next month. The same will happen when you clear paycheck two. I hope that helps, but if you’re still unclear, feel free to ask questions.


I’m with Wayne—two separate monthly recurring fills, staggered. You can set up as many fills as you like so you can have different amounts each time. Hope that helps!

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Yes, Thank you very much for pointing this out… For some reason I thought when you set up your budget fill, that was the only one and was the same for each period you selected, Now I see that I can schedule as many as i need to with different amounts,