Turn Off Accounts

I would like to turn off all accounts. A friend of mine has his accounts turned off, which is what I want.

I have one account turned on. When I delete it, it won’t let me “save changes.” The button doesn’t let me click. So if I hit “Cancel” the account is still there.

Another thing I tried is deleting the account and creating a different account. That works, but then I still have that new account. I want to turn them all off completely and have ZERO accounts.

How do I do this? Thank you for your help. Keep on being awesome!

You won’t be able to turn off all accounts because the envelopes and accounts work together as different views of the same money. Without any accounts, you won’t have any money to use for filling envelopes. It doesn’t have to represent a real account but it does need to contain all the money you plan to distribute within your budget, and it will decrement as you spend from your envelopes.
Hope that makes sense!

Hi there – I just responded to your email, but in case you haven’t seen that (and for anyone coming later), you can turn off Accounts through this link on the website.

As Tiffany says, technically Goodbudget doesn’t work without at least one Account, so under the hood there’s still a hidden Account hanging out so your budget balances, but if you turn them off using that link, they’ll be invisible to you, so you can just budget with Envelopes.

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Thank you, Alex! This is what I was looking for!

Thanks @alex, I learned something new today too!