Transfers duplicated as fills - was there an update of some kind?

Was there an update or app change over the holiday weekend? I went in to do my first of the month budget check and the numbers weren’t right. I looked through and anywhere I had a monthly transfer from unallocated to an envelope there was now an envelope ‘fill’ as well. So 2 actions where there should be one. I rarely use the ‘envelope fill’ function - I’ve found it’s easier for me to just use the ‘envelope’ transfer method instead. I don’t know how transfers were duplicated as fills without any action on my part. What’s up?

PS - they were all set for the first of the month, which I don’t do; I split expenses between different pay dates.

Hi there - Thanks for posting and sorry for the trouble! We generally don’t release updates during high traffic times (like the holiday weekend) in an effort to avoid breaking things when people need Goodbudget the most! I can confirm there were not updates during this holiday weekend either.

But it sounds like you might have had a scheduled fill set for the first of the year. If your Envelope balances are doubled up, you can delete the scheduled fill that posted so you just have the scheduled transfers adding funds to your Envelopes.

You might also check your Scheduled Transaction list to make sure you don’t have other scheduled fills set to post later on.

I hope that helps!

Hi! Thanks for the speedy response. No, I did not have scheduled fills for the first of the year. The fills were literally duplicates of the monthly envelope transfers I have scheduled. Also, they were set up to come out of “other income” - which I also do not use. I only use “fills” for a couple of envelopes, the rest are envelope transfers because I find those easier to work with. I went through and deleted the schedule of fills from this glitch, but I don’t want to have this happen again next month. Sound like it’s just a glitch - but has anyone else had this happen?

I run two households because we have income in different currencies, and I can confirm that my Fills went through as expected without duplication.
And just to confirm, you’re looking at the Scheduled Transactions page (link in Karissa’s response) to be sure there aren’t any additional fills, correct?

Hey - so this happened again today (Feb 1). Once again, fills magically appeared on their own - duplicates of my monthly plan that I have set up via envelope transfers. I can confirm I did not ‘accidentally’ set up fills that I forgot about. Last month I went thru and deleted all of these magical fills. Lo and behold, there they are again - fills I did not set up which duplicate all the transfers I do have set up from unallocated to individual folders. So basically some little gremlin looked at my total monthly envelope transfers and set them all up as fills for the 1st of the month. I almost had a heart attack when my unallocated folder was so far in the red. I can’t possibly be the only one experiencing this. I deleted them all again. Anyone want to place bets on this happening in March - best out of 3?

Are you deleting the future fills/transfers or just the ones that have already dropped? Unless you delete the pending transactions, they’ll continue to happen each month even if you’ve deleted the ones in your ledger. That’s the only thing I can imagine is happening to cause a second set of envelope fills to happen consistently; I’ve never heard of this happening except when there was a duplicate scheduled transaction. Maybe you have both fills and transfers set up?