Transactions not assigned to correct envelopes

Today, (April 2) we filled our envelopes for April 2021. But a few transactions for April had already been logged. Now, when we view the April envelopes, these transactions have not been assigned to the correct April envelopes.
So, the actual amount in the envelope is greater than it should be. Is this a known design flaw?
Is there a rule that you must fill envelopes for a new month before logging any transactions for that month?

Transactions are all logged in the order they come in, so if you entered April transactions before you Filled envelopes then you will indeed “overfill” if you’re filling to Set to budget. This allows people to fill envelopes piecemeal, which can be important if one doesn’t have a full month’s surplus on the first. Just as you would with cash, you should always fill an envelope before you spend the money inside.
The simplest way to adjust this if you want to include your earlier transactions is on the web; you can view the envelope (with its running total) and adjust the Fill to accommodate the balance on March 31.
Hope that helps!