Transaction Only Showing Online not Mobile

I have a goal envelope I created a few months ago and I have been putting money into it every pay since then. The first fill I did shows in the total balance of the envelop, but if I go look at individual transactions on mobile it is not there. The balance overall reads correct on the envelop overview page, but it makes it really confusing when looking at the transaction history within the envelope.

I also attempted to look at that particular envelope fill for that pay period and I am met with “this transaction currently can only be edited on the web.”

So when I go on the website, everything looks fine. The transaction in the envelope appears, but no matter what I do it still will not let me see it on my mobile and for some reason that envelope fill continues to be locked on mobile and only seems to be showing up on the web.

Any help resolving this is welcome. Thank you.

Thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble! If the transaction is question is just a standard fill, you should be able to edit it via your mobile app, so I’m not sure what’s going wrong.

Can you send us an email to so we can investigate? Also, please let us know which Envelope is affected, and the name / date of the transaction in question.