Tracking debt

I have a bit of credit debt I’m trying to track and manage. I set up my checking and credit cards in accounts. I entered my interest rate, balance and monthly payment.
I want to be able to quickly see how much money I have actually in my checking - separate from my overall amount that reflects my credit card. Is this possible?

If I understand your question correctly, you can see your account balances in the Account section of Goodbudget. On the mobile app, the checking, savings and cash balances will show a cumulative total as well as totals for each account, and your Unallocated “envelope” should show the money you have without deducting your credit card balances (assuming they’re set up as revolving accounts.) Does that help?

Just to clarify- what do you mean by a revolving set up?

I assume Tiffany is making a distinction there between Credit Card Accounts (which are intended to represent accounts that are paid in full every month and “revolve” around each payment cycle) versus Debt Accounts (which hold balances).

In Goodbudget, Credit Card Accounts affect and access your normal budget Envelopes, whereas Debt Accounts don’t, so balances accrued on them will decrease the available money in your Envelopes.

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Ahhhh. Thank you. That makes sense. Any tips on how to still be able to tell my overall cash balance easily in this situation?

You can try heading to the Accounts tab, and then looking at the total for all Accounts under the ‘Checking, Savings, and Cash’ section. That figure will represent what you have available in all of your asset Accounts.