Too many automated "fills", how to remove?

For some reason, I have two monthly fills occurring, both for the same amount.
One is listed as “Fill envelopes” and the other is “Monthly Fill (Multiple).”

I do not want both, just one (either is fine). I’m not sure how a duplicate fill was created and is reoccuring; and I am not sure how to permanently remove it so that it doesn’t keep happening (rather than just deleting the transaction each month).


Hi there,

Sorry for the trouble! If you’re on the website, you can remove the duplicate fill by clicking on the transaction line item, and then on delete on the right side of the screen.

Hope that helps!

To add to Karisa’s note, be sure you’re on the “show all transactions” page on the web. Your Fills, Income, Payments, Transfers and Debts will be grouped together there. You should see both fills, and deleting one there will keep it from recurring.
Hope that helps!