The use of emojis in envelope names?

Really digging GoodBudget so far. But…

I’m moving from the app called Budget on my Mac (which I used for 15 years!), and one thing that I always loved about their implementation of the envelope system was the ability to place a symbol on each envelope (in addition to the name) for quicker identification.

In GoodBudget, having a user-selected symbol (emoji) next to each envelope name that “represents” the envelope would be a REALLY useful way to find a particular envelope, especially once you have a list that is longer than 10 envelopes. Some might think it’s gratuitous or merely for “fun”, but allowing for emojis would actually make the list view of envelopes more usable at a glance. And yes, it COULD also make budgeting more “fun” for some people and I see that as a win, as well.

To clarify, I’m not talking about anything fancy here. I’m referring to the basic ability to have an emoji be part of the name of the envelope. As it stands now, it appears that when I attempt to add an emoji at the end of an envelope title, the emoji doesn’t “stick around” the next time I open GoodBudget.

If this is currently not supported, PLEASE consider adding this to future versions. That would be an amazing and very useful option to have. (Or if I am not understanding how to use emoji within GoodBudget, please let me know the secret.)

Thank you!

Hey johnnydarko,

Thanks so much for posting! I’m glad to hear you’re digging Goodbudget, except for the fact that we don’t support emojis.

That is something that we would like to implement in the future, and you can see it on our Roadmap.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline on when we could have this available, but we’re happy to post an update here for you once it is.

Thanks again and let us know if you have more questions.


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Thanks for getting back to me on this! I feel almost strange requesting this feature, as I used to be one of those “I will never use emojis” kinds of people, :joy: but they sure would help from a user interface perspective in this case, with familiar symbols drawing the eye to particular envelopes when scanning the list.

I’m glad to hear it’s on the Roadmap! And yes, please update this thread if there are any developments, an ETA, etc.

Thank you so much!

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This is a bit of a late bump because I found this topic on accident while searching for something, but wanted to stop by and let you know this is possible now, if you haven’t seen the announcements elsewhere already!