Taking Money Out of Envelopes

Does anyone know how to take money out of an envelope, and reallocate it to another envelope? Thanks! New User here.

Hi Lauren!
What you’re describing is an Envelope Transfer. In the app, start a new transaction and change the Type to envelope transfer. You can then determine how much to move, and between which envelopes.
On the web, the process is essentially the same but the Transfer option is a tab on the new transaction entry interface.
I hope that helps!

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Hi Lauren,

One more thing to add to Tiffany’s description above: if you’re trying to move funds from multiple Envelopes or to multiple Envelopes, another option would be to do an Envelope Fill that subtracts (“un-Fills”) certain Envelopes and reallocates to the money to others.

Just wanted to share that as another possible option! But for most simple movements of money, Envelope Transfers like Tiffany mentioned are the most simple.