Suggestion: Duplicate Transaction Finder

Not sure where to put suggestions but here’s one. It would be cool if in the advanced search window there was an easy way to find duplicate transactions. Just about every time I import new csv files I end up putting in transactions I’ve already added before that don’t get matched because the names are too different, and I often manually add transactions I had already added before, so it would be useful to help me find duplicate transactions by dollar amount separately fro the import.

Have you tried dragging the imported transactions over their counterparts on the right side? The ones that aren’t automatically matched will be white, but you can match them yourself and even add them to the correct bucket automatically if they’re truly new.
When you connect them manually you can choose which information to keep in your record; the data you entered or the values that were imported.
Also, here’s where you can make a suggestion for your more specific request: Suggestion Link
Hope that helps!

When they’re there to do that with yes I have. I get duplicate transactions all the time that either aren’t there for me to do that with or that I’ve entered manually.

Thanks, I had actually just found that link and was coming back here to update this