Starting over - Recording Beginning Bank Balance

I had to start over because I lost control of my budget. I need to know two things.

  1. How do I record my beginning bank balance so I can reconcile my my account at the end of the month.
  2. How do I include that amount in the unallocated balance so I can budget against that amount,

Thanks for the help.


If your envelopes are empty, your Unallocated balance will automatically equal the account balance. Otherwise it’s the net account balance minus the amount in envelopes.
As for reconciling, if you’ve truly wiped your data and started over you’ll just leave the previous balance at zero. If you’ve only made adjustments, you’ll Edit the account balance to the current balance being sure to document any pending but uncleared transactions, reconcile it, then next month you’ll balance your account against this adjusted balance.
If you know what your balance was at some point in the past (most people use the most recent statement), then: 1) Reconcile or delete every old transaction, 2) Edit your balance to the statement balance, and 3) then you’ll be able to reconcile the next time.
There is a way to wipe all your data and start over if you want to, but it’s not really necessary as there are workarounds.
Hope that helps!

Maybe I didn’t ask the right question, I cleared the data from my Goodbudget account so everything was at 0.00. With the balances at 0.00 I imported my bank transactions between the end date if my last bank statement and today. Those transactions included a few deposits. Then I filled my envelopes from unallocated money that included income from last month, those few deposits I just mentioned, My unallocated money did not include all of the money in my bank account - only those deposits that were made in the last few days. How do I add the money into my unallocated balance that was in my bank account but was not a recent deposit? Do I just count it as income?

You can count it as Income, or you can go to your Edit Accounts page and update the Current Balance of your Account directly, and that’ll generate an Account Balance Adjustment transaction that you can rename to explain it.

Adding to Alex’s response, my preference is to Edit the Account Balance on the date you did the import to reflect the money that was in the account already on that day. If for example you started with the current statement, do an Edit of the account balance in the last day of the prior statement using the closing balance. That will, as Alex said, function as Income and can be renamed on the Web. Transactions from that point forward will appropriately add or subtract funds from the amount you had on that date, rather than from 0.00.
Do be sure that any transactions that had taken place prior to that statement close but which hadn’t yet been cleared are reflected in Goodbudget as well.