Start date incorrect

I have my one account starting on the first. However, the app starts the next period on the 30th. Can’t figure out why and don’t see other posts address this so I must have done something wrong.

When you edit your budget, you can assign a start date. In the iOS app, you’d click “Edit” on the budget page, scroll to the bottom, choose “I budget monthly” then the starting date. Maybe yours was accidentally set to the 30th? If you don’t budget monthly that would change that as well, since you can’t have multiple budgeting periods. That’s what I’d check first anyway.

Thank you. It all looked good so I changed it, saved it then changed it back. Maybe it just needed a reset. I won’t know till next month if it worked.

Are you referring to the Monthly Envelope Fill? Goodbudget helps you create one on the day that you set up Goodbudget, so it would be dated for the 30th if you got started today, but then going forward, it should post on the 1st of the month. On iOS, you can find your pending Monthly Envelope Fill transaction at the top of your Transactions list and tap on it to edit the date, amount, or how much you want to fill your envelopes each month.

Hi @becky (welcome back!)
Sooo…mine seemed to do this too, at least from an expense perspective. I have a recurring bill that typically comes out around the 3rd but it posted early on the 30th, so it should have been included in the June expenses. For some reason it was calculated as a July payment in my scheduled Fill though. Here’s a screenshot; the monthly budget in this envelope is $5050.00 so the fill came up short by exactly the amount of the June 30th (would have been July 3) payment.
I haven’t noticed this before, but I haven’t looked for it either, so I’m not sure if it’s a new thing…?

Huh, how odd. The math there does make it look like it was once in July, post-Fill (per the Set number), and then got moved into June somehow. I haven’t heard of this happening anywhere else, but please let us know if you see this again anywhere and we’ll take some pokes around.