Split transaction between more than 2 envelopes

Is it possible to split a transaction between more than 2 envelopes? If so, how?

Hi there - Thanks for posting! That is possible. When you’re recording your transactions, select the [Split into Multiple] option from the top of the Envelope dropdown, and then you’ll be able to select the Envelopes you’d like to split the expense into.

Hope that helps!

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When I select Split into Multiple, it only gives 2 envelope choices and I don’t see how to split between more than 2. How do I split a transaction among 3 envelopes?

Which format are you using? I’m able to choose several envelopes on the iOS app but I’m not sure about other options.

I use both the Android app and the Web browser version (my browser is Firefox). Both of these only let me choose two envelopes. Maybe I’ll try another browser. It’s curious that there would be a difference.

OK, I figured it out. When you first select Split into Multiple, only two envelope slots show up initially, but once you have filled both of those choices, the third one appears, and so on. It makes sense now that I know how to do it.