Spending vs Budget reporting not showing budget value

Firstly, this is an amazing app. I love budgeting but this app takes it to the next level.

I have an issue:
When I run my spending vs budget report I noticed a few things:
One of my goals is always missing values for the budget bar. I’m seeing this value for all other goals and expenses, just this goal is an exception. Every month my schedule runs and add assign values to all my goals. I’m also seeing the allocation of funds in the transaction view, just not on the report.

I’ve been using the envelope for over 3months and each month I have the same issue. Thanks.

Hi there. Would you mind shooting us an email to support@goodbudget.com with your Goodbudget login email and the name of the Envelope in question so we can take a closer look? Thanks!

I had this same problem, and started messing around to fix it. I deleted my income, and reloaded it. That didnt work, I ended up with a whole month of income I dont have in my unallocated, but nothing in the report area showing income. All the envelopes I had paid out something from, showed that I was overspent, yet the envelope remained green with the proper balance. Should I wipe and start over clean when I get paid my social security on the 26th? I can at least use the envelopes to stay on budget. I admit, with messing it up, it is all starting to make sense, despite me.

Thanks for your help,

Ok! I got the income to show up in reports. I did not have it entered as income, but had it as my total inside “bank account” now my only problem is that all the envelopes that I have filled, show that I am overspent by the amount I use and assign to the account is pay it with, such as my credit card ( the envelopes are still green). I’m missing some detail of the credit and balance process, just not sure what it is. Rather not have to wipe and start over.

Thanks again

Hi Cheri,

It’d be easier for us to see exactly how you have things set up and suggest fixes if we can peek into your household – can you shoot us an email to support@goodbudget.com so we can take a look for you? Thanks.