Spending Report

Now that I’ve completed my first year with GB, I’m reviewing my annual reports. There are a few envelopes that I’ve overspent in and need to review the expenditures for a particular envelope. How can a run a report that gives a list view of the expenses of a specific envelope? I know I can view the list in the envelope itself, but that also shows all my fills. If I run the spending by envelope report for one envelope it just gives me a pie chart for that envelope which is worthless. It should at least give me a pie chart with the expenses. And better yet include the list of expenses. I need to view the expenses to get a better picture of what I overspent on.

Congrats on budgeting for a whole year! It sounds like you’re just looking for a way to see a list of expenses for a specific Envelope. In that case, you can use the ‘advanced’ search filter on the website to filter for Envelope and Type (Expense vs. Income vs. Fills). By doing that, you’ll see just a list of expenses for the Envelope of your choosing.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Karisa, that works if there’s only one type. But in my case I have both expense transactions and debt transactions for an envelope. I’d have to run the report twice, once for each type of transaction. That’s not a very good way for a report.

The advanced search doesn’t give a total either. So now I have to add up all the individual transactions. This is painful in the day of computers when the program should do it for you.

Hi Wayne—I know it’s an extra step and I get your frustration, but couldn’t you (if you’re not already) just download it to a .csv file and let the spreadsheet do the work? With filters and subtotals it would be pretty straightforward.

Thanks Tiffany for the input. I can definitely do that, but it just doesn’t make sense to take those extra steps when a budgeting progam is essentially a glorified spreadsheet. This is something GB should implement, especially since we pay an annual subscription. This forum is great and GB’s activity here is top notch, but there’s a lot of improvement that can be developed in GB, but they put out very few updates.

Hi @wrbird,

Thanks for your comment. It sounds like Tiffany’s suggestion suffices for you, but it’s still not ideal. For now, I’ve added your suggestion to our features tracker.

I’m sorry to hear you’re frustrated with the pace of change. We’re always working on something (check out our Changelog to see our recent updates and our Roadmap to see what’s next). If there’s something in particular that you’d like to see, feel free to let us know here, and we’ll be happy to consider it for future updates.

Thanks again!

Thank you @karisa