Spending not syncing with monthly budgets

Never had this issue before- I added some spend that happened in April, but added it on 1 May. These are coming out of my May budget vs the April budget. Tried setting the dates to different April dates, deleting and re-adding it but it’s not changing. Has there been some upgrades that defaults which month the budgets come from based on when your record it, that can’t be changed??

If I understand, you’re adding old transactions and not seeing the amount in your envelopes update, right? Once your new Fills post, they won’t be re-calculated even if you add older spend after the fact.
You can adjust this by changing the posted Fill to reflect the amount you wanted to have on the 1st (this should be by increasing the Fill by the amount of the old transaction you added).
Hope that helps!

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GB does not really keep separate budgets for each period. There is no “April Budget” vs “May Budget”. There is only a running total from the first transaction through the last.

Therefore, every transaction in GB from all time affects your current balances. Adding (or changing, or deleting) a transaction into/from the history will change your current balances.

Also, if you change the size of an envelope for May, GB has no memory of what that envelope’s budget was for April or last December or anything else. GB only knows the current plan. At any time you can run reports that show how much you spent per period in the past, but you can only compare those to the current budget amounts. You can see if you spent more last April than you did for this April, but you cannot see if it was within budget or not if you’ve changed your envelopes at all since then.

It is for this reason I do my monthly budget plan in excel before filling my envelopes at the start of a month. I have a historical record of budget plans going back several years.

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