Spending by Month by Payee

I want to see how much I spend for particular payee(s) over time that currently falls under my “miscellaneous” envelope to consider splitting out a new envelope.

The spending by payee report is a pie graph which only shows total amounts per payee for the time range.

The spending by month report is a line graph which only shows envelope totals.

I would like a stacked line graph showing totals per month where I am able to select specific payee(s).

I’ve played around with the reports but I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking for; I see that the spending by payee report is a pie but the data seem to be exactly what you want. You can limit the payees by envelope and date, so you’d get the total per payee in the Misc. envelope in both a chart and a graph. Is there something else you’re not seeing? I AM using the web version; I’m not sure if it’s available this way on mobile.

I can use the pie to get a total per payee for a time range, and I can use that to get an average monthly expense to that payee, which is most of what I am looking for, but I really want to see it displayed like the Spending per Month report to identify if it’s relatively flat or if there are regular spikes in certain months.