Show OLD transactions as reconciled

I have a few very old transactions that need to be shown as reconciled. I’ve noticed some transactions have the option to manually show them as reconciled, but not all. My balances all align when I reconcile and omit the aforementioned transactions (transfers).

I tried calling and emailing support, but I’m not getting a response (which is very odd, in my experience with the GB team).

This drives me crazy every month, and i certainly don’t want to go back and reinvent the wheel to reconcile a couple transactions from months / years ago.

Hi weazul01,

Thanks for your post, and sorry for the communication issues! I’ve just seen and responded to your emails as well, but it seems that for whatever reason you might not be getting those. I won’t post any details about our conversations here, but just in case you haven’t seen those emails either – we’ve responded to all of your last few emails within a business day of receiving them, so if you haven’t received them, it seems something might be redirecting or blocking them?

Anyways, as for your question about Reconciling those transactions – typically we don’t advise manually marking transactions as Reconciled (even where it’s possible, like on Expense transactions) as it’s a process that should be done through the Reconciliation process rather than ad hoc. If you happened to forget a transaction or two, you can get them Reconciled in a future Reconciliation by following the steps below:

  1. Go through the Reconciliation process, and when you get to the point where all of your transactions are checked off, find the Left to Clear number and copy it or write it down, then Postpone the Reconciliation.
  2. Go back and start it again, but this time add the Left to Clear number to the number in the Previous Balance field.
  3. Start the Reconciliation again. You should be able to Finish the process this time and true up the balances.

Hope that makes sense!


(I had an alternate answer here but deleted it when I realized Alex had just posted a much clearer explanation) :relaxed:

This solution was very helpful. Thank you!

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