Shifting money from one envelope to another

Hi there, I’m a beginner GoodBudget user.
Please advise whether healthy budgeting advice involves shifting money from one envelope to another in case of a balance shortfall or whether such an experience will create bad financial habits.

Budgeting always involves some balancing, and moving money between envelopes is exactly how one assures they’re spending within their means. The budget itself is just an estimate of how you expect to spend your money, but it’s never going to be exactly right because costs and needs change, and unexpected things come up.
In the beginning you’ll probably find yourself adjusting envelopes often, but with time your estimates become more accurate and you can adjust your budget to reflect this.
In short, moving money between envelopes is not only necessary, it’s a perfect way to manage your budget and will help you prioritize your spending to stay within your income.
Glad you’re here!