Setting Cap on Envelope Rollover

Is there any way to set a maximum amount that an envelope before the excess is swept into Unallocated?

For example, say I want to allocate $10 a month to an envelope until it reaches a maximum of $50. After it his the max amount, the money that should be added to it is moved to Unallocated instead, so the amount in the envelope never exceeds $50.

It’s been several years since I used Goodbudget, but I could’ve sworn there was an option to do this. I’ve tried messing around with the Fill Envelopes page, but whenever I hit “Set,” it simply adds money to the envelope instead of making it the max amount.

Hi @barelytea - Thanks for posting! The closet thing would be to use an Envelope or Goal Envelope. Both Envelope types will allow you to save up an certain amount each month based on your overall target amount, and then will automatically stop suggesting a fill amount once you’ve saved up that amount. The only thing is they won’t help you re-save what you’ve spent immediately. You can read more about how those Envelope work here.

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