Separate accounts

So…I am loving using Goodbudget for household checking and savings. My wife just started receiving a separate income that I attempted to start tracking by creating another “account”. Problem is it shows up in all transactions and such and is causing confusion. Any thoughts on how to better track her income and expenses separately so as to not cause confusion

I assume you mean that the funds in the new account show as available monies on the envelope side? That would be accurate, because the Envelopes and Accounts represent the same pool of funds from different perspectives.
If you’d like to keep them separate on the Envelope side (i.e. not show that income as available/Unallocated) I’d recommend you create a new Envelope and fill it with the entire balance of the new account. (Be sure any recurring Fills are instructed to “Add $0” to that envelope!) That will earmark the money as related to the other account, and it would be up to your preference to decide whether to transfer funds directly from that envelope to the one(s) you want to use OR whether you’ll transfer a bulk of it into Unallocated and then do a Fill from there. It sounds like you may also need new “regular” envelopes from which her transactions will be deducted, but that’s a simple process that mirrors the ones you’ve already created.
If you want completely separate ledgers, you’d need a second Goodbudget account but the solution I’ve described works very well for me in a similar situation.
Hope that helps!


Holy moly! You said a ton in very little. I will read and re-read and read again. Lol. Thanks.