Separate accounts from unallocated


I have some accounts which are here to basically save money every month. I am not using them on a daily basis at all. However their amounts appear in my “unallocated” money, which is disturbing and risky because I may think I have more money than I have. I am currently using envelopes to follow these amounts and I do not take into account the transfers from my main account to my saving accounts, which make things a bit harder to follow.

My question is, is there a way to prevent goodbudget from taking some accounts into the unallocated amount ? Thanks.

The way I do it is to create a savings goal envelope and transfer the balance from unallocated into it.
My unallocated envelope then just shows the balance I have in my checking account that I use to pay my bills.

The way Rocket describes it above is the best way! You can also check out this article in our Help Center for a little more elaboration: How can I keep money in my savings account separate from my normal budget? | Goodbudget

I know this question has come up before and as Rocket and Alex confirm, it’s not something that’s currently available in Goodbudget.
If you’d like to submit a suggestion to add this function you can do so following the instructions in this post. They’ll take a look and if enough of us request it, it could be added to the roadmap.
Hope that’s helpful!