Select/de-select all while reconciling bank accounts

I was wondering when you’re going to add an option to deselect all transactions in the reconcile window.
Many times, it’s easier to clear the ‘Cleared’ checkmark from all transactions and begin a fresh reconcile, rather than to try to figure what is Cleared and Not Cleared. This has been requested numerous times over the years by various people and there doesn’t seem to be any interest in adding this. I’m letting you know it is still being requested. It doesn’t seem like a big request to me!

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Hi rmbeal,

Thanks for asking! We are actively looking into and researching a feature like this, but I can’t give you an ETA on when it might be implemented or promise that it will be released at all.

To address some of your concerns regarding the number of times this enhancement has been requested, there are lots of factors we consider when deciding what to work. The number of requests a feature gets is only one piece of that puzzle. We also think about how long it will take to build and implement, what kind of ongoing support will it require, how many people will benefit, etc. In the case of the reconcile page, it’s surprisingly not a highly utilized feature, so we’ve decided over the years to work on things that would benefit more people. But, as of now, this is on our radar.

In any case, if and when there’s movement on this, we’ll be happy to reach back out and let you know!

In the meantime, if you have additional feature requests, feel free to make them here.

Hope that helps!

Hi Karisa,
Add another vote from me. As a self-described GB power user this is one of my biggest frustrations with this software. I’m sure a “toggle all” button isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, but I’m also sure it’s not nearly as difficult as, say, overhauling the entire platform’s theme and color branding (which did nothing at all for users). I hope this gets added soon as it would be a huge improvement.

So much agree with Tiffany!

Quick update:

This feature is now live on the Goodbudget web! When you next go to Reconcile an Account, if you hover your cursor over the “Cleared” header at the top of the checkbox column, you’ll now see a new option to check and Clear all of the transactions showing, as well as uncheck and un-Clear all of them.


I would give this 100 likes if I could! I can’t wait to try it out. THANK YOU GUYS for finally making this a reality!!!

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Excellent work!! I am so glad to see this feature added. I will definitely be using it. Thank you !!!

Good to hear this as been implemented!

Yippee! I am so glad you implemented this idea. It will be so helpful to all to be able to do what they need to do easily within the protective framework of the website’s programming. I will still reconcile manually because I feel less restricted doing it all manually myself. I encourage you to add this functionality to the mobile apps if possible in the future as well, but this alone adds needed flexibility for the user, without adding complexity! Kudos to you all!

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