Searching duplicate payees

Hi All,

I am not sure how this has happened but I have multiple payees with a space at the nd of the name. This is being read as a unique payee. For instance, there is “Amazon” and "Amazon ". I am trying to clean it up on the web portal but am unable to track down all instances as the search function does not recognize the space. It sees the quote marks as characters so I am unable to search that way.

Any ideas would be helpful

If you search “Amazon” from the web interface you should get both the ones with and without the space. You can then select them all and as a batch use “Change Name” to “Amazon”. Once the “Amazon_” isn’t in your ledger anymore, it shouldn’t suggest it as an option in the future.
If you’re entering transactions on mobile and you use auto-type (at least on iPhone) it will typically add the space after, so be sure to delete the extra space before entering the transaction.
Hope that helps!