Scheduled transactions - specify an end date

Hi there,

Having spent a whole year using GoodBudget, I’ve finally taken the plunge and set up a number of scheduled transactions. I’m happy with the continuing transactions (e.g. pocket money to my son every month), but is there a way of setting an end date, or number of transactions?

For example, my energy provider charges a set amount per month during the winter and a lower set amount during the summer.

It would also be useful for loan payments, as a loan will have an end date.

Thanks all.

I’m not aware of a way to limit payments, but my solution to your “dual billing” example was to create one payment for each value, and delay the first scheduled payment of the later bill until it comes due. When that happens, I change the “next due” date of the seasonal payment to a date in the future.
For example, I have “Allowance—home” every Friday now, and “Allowance—college” every Friday but starting in March (if she goes back, LOL). When she does return to school I’ll change the “home” transaction to next post in the summer.
It runs the risk of a double transaction but that’s easy enough to delete, and if you delete the future transaction it will delete all the ones following (like at the end of the loan).
Maybe that helps?

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I can see that your way is another way of doing what I’ve already done - both equally valid.

It would be good to have end dates/number of payments as a feature though - can we flag this as a requested design update?

Hi there,

As Tiffany mentions, there’s no way to currently limit scheduled transactions, whether by occurrence number or by end date. As for your energy provider situation, it seems to me the simplest way to handle that currently would be to just run a single scheduled transaction and update the value when the seasons change, but the dual method Tiffany suggests should work as well.

As for your request, I’ve noted it in our tracker, thanks! If you have any further feature requests, please don’t hesitate to submit them to

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