Rollover unused envelope to next month

I want to make it so that my unused money in last month’s envelope rolls into the next month but can’t figure out how to do it. For example, if I only used $8.00 of $40.00 that was budgeted for my “fun money” envelope for February, I want the remaining $32 to be rolled into March. How can I do that?

I have my envelopes do this. I accomplish this when I create my fills. When adding funds to envelopes by the fill command there’s an option on each envelope to “add” or “set”. Make sure “add” is selected.

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Is there a way to make it automatic? For the annual/irregular envelopes, for example, I just spent more money than the monthly allotment on a vet bill, but that is still less than the entire year’s budget so I want it to be cumulative.

Each budget period you’ll need to refill your envelopes and you can tell each envelope to either “Add” or “Set” when you establish the fills. You can certainly automate fills and have them drop on a schedule; for example, on the first of each month I “Set” my Dining Out envelope back to its budgeted amount. This may mean adding more than a month’s worth (if I went over in the previous month and am in the red) or adding less than the budgeted amount if there’s some left over–but each month I start with the same amount of money in that envelope. In contrast, my “Annual Bills” envelope is instructed to “Add” money each month so the amount rolls over until I make a withdrawal. You can make instructions for each envelope individually so they all behave the way that works best for you. Be sure to Add $0 to any envelope that you want to be ignored by the fill command, and it will leave the money as-is for that fill.
Does that help?


Welcome Kimiberlee!

It looks like wrbird and Tiffany have got you covered! If you need more help creating an automatic fill that rolls over your unused money, you can see how to set that up here: Step 4. Fill Your Envelopes | Goodbudget

I have been using Goodbudget for several years, but just had an issue come up where last month’s ending balance carried over into this months. I have been starting each month with a zero balance, then filling the envelope with the budgeted amount. How do I correct my current balance in each envelope to the correct balance as to this months budgeted amount and eliminate the carryover balance?

Welcome to the forums! It sounds as if an envelope was toggled to “Add” instead of “Set” and that caused the balance to roll over. I would use the web app to check the running balance on the first, then just click on the existing Fill and reduce the amount by the overage. That should leave zero dollars in the envelope, and allow you to fill it as you see fit.
Hope that helps!